Okay, well this is it! The DNS changes have finally propagated, so now the whole world can find me just as I’ve just about finished importing my friend William Ting’s excellent CSS theme, and begun tweaking it to my own tastes.

From here, who knows where this blog will go. The only way to get better at anything is to practice, so I guess I’ll just start writing and see where this thing goes. The last blog page I did, and on the remains of which this is built, started off discussing the process of designing and deploying the site, as well as the side-projects I was working on at the time so I think I’ll keep that. I remember that when I applied to college, I was greatly aided in my confidence about attending UT by an abandoned blog by another Turing which talked about classes and the value of the education which (s)he received here. As a lot is changing in the CS department right now, I think the time may be right for a new “Turing Survival Guide” as it were….

So yeah. Still to come on this blog:

Over and out, good to be back!