Temporal Locality

####A realtime scheduler for my life

Every now and then I realize that I’m overwhelmed with things I need to remember and do. Quite often remembering turns out to be more of a probblem than doing, because I consume effort and time retaining and stressing about what I need to do. One solution to this stress os a todo list, wherein I record the goals I must acheive and in at least minimal detail the steps I need to go through to acheive them. By recording this information in a retreivable manner I seek to free myself of the burden that is remembering and scheduling these “todos”. This todo list representation is sub-optimal however because quite often I have ideas which are not actionable yet which I wish to incubate and continue work on over an extended timeframe.

Enter Temporal Locality. The underlying idea with tl is that many of the things which I wish to remember I either cannot make headway and furthermore that I often wish to store information about each todo which is specific to it such as due dates, estimated completion times, URLs of resources required to complete the project and so on.

Tl aims to present a solution to these problems in a single grand stroke by offering a “slidig window” view of on’s todo list which will exclude events and items due too far in the future and on which progress cannot be made. It will offer a solution to the metadata issue by recording all todos as JSON documents stored in a document-oriented database like MongoDB.

By using formatted documents as the fundimental unit of storage, it is possible to offer an “incubating” list trivially by marking or otherwise recording documents as todos with no completion date thus excluding them from a “sliding window” view.