Well, if this works then I’ve successfully added image embeds to my post editor.


The image embed utility is really simple… I added a second form to my editing page which POSTs to an upload page somewhere deep in the admin section of this site. I then use the JQuery AJAX form manipulation plugin to post images to the server without resetting my editing environment and then I use the success: callback to automagically add the ![]() that markdown uses to signify an image to the end of the text I’m editing. It’s not especially sophisticated, but it sure is a minimum working image utility and it means that I can bring some life to this blog with images.

To anyone who is looking for pointers on how to build their own JQuery based uploader, this is the documentation which I found. Note that this is for a plugin, not a core part of jquery so you need to pull down and add the library described before the code samples will work for you.!