Puppet, I guess

So I have, or rather should say had, a problem.

Last Mile Maintainership

So Daniel Compton (@danielwithmusic) is a good bloke. We’ve been co-conspirators on a number of projects at this point, and I just wanted to share a quick vignette before I pack it in for the night.

Nihilist Reviewboard

Let’s talk about another concept that’s as old as the hills - code review.

Composition and Diamonds

In software, there is an ever present tempation to declare that something is finished. To look upon an artifact, to pronounce it perfect, and to believe that it will persist unchanged for all time. This is the model of “martian computing” which begat the Urbit project. And it’s wrong.

Of Inertia and Computing

Let’s talk about Stanislav, probably best known for his blog loper-os. He’s interesting in that I’m indebted to him for his writing, which was very personally influential, and yet I consider him useless.

A Better VM

For the last couple of years I’ve been working with Clojure, a lisp which runs on top of the JVM. My reservations with Clojure itself, and Clojure’s maintainership are at this point fairly well established. However I’d be lying if I said that after thinking long and hard about the way I want to develop software I’ve come up with anything incrementally achievable and better. Clojure’s syntax is convenient. Its datastructures are clever. Its immutable defaults are sane with respect to any other language. Its integration with the JVM while fatal to its own semantics ensure unmatched leverage. In short, I don’t know if it’s possible to do better atop the JVM.

(more frustration)

Ferd T-H was kind enough to perfectly voice one of my long standing frustrations with Clojure and it feels like many small programming communities and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Immutable Env Things

As with some of my other posts, this was originally an email which turned into enough of a screed I thought it would be of general interest and worth posting. Some op/ed material has been removed, but the technical details are unaltered if not clarified.

Apartment Hunting - Day 1

For those of you just tuning in, this is part of my ongoing journey of migrating to SF to work for Twitter. The lessons contained herein are a direct result of my coming to the area pretty much blind and paying the various prices for doing so.

Deprecation warnings in Jaunt

This week I’m working on getting Jaunt’s 1.9.0 release nearer the door, on which note I’m happy to properly demo one the features of this first release: deprecation warnings.