Deprecation warnings in Jaunt

This week I'm working on getting Jaunt's 1.9.0 release nearer the door, on which note I'm happy to properly demo one the features of this first release: deprecation warnings.

Jaunt - A friendly Clojure fork


XML and Other Horrors

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may be aware of my recent travails with a bogeyman I've named only as "XML". Having banged my head against this abomination of software for several days, it's venting time so buckle in for the ride.

Hacking like it's 2288

I'm an a diehard Fallout franchise fan. While school currently precludes me from playing, I took some time to automate solving the hacking minigame which is used to unlock computer terminals and secured areas in-game.

Shitposting Vol 1

Subtitle: That Time @Snowden Shot Back.

Formalism In Software 'Engineering'

This post was originally authored for the UTCS Facebook group, in the context of discussing the role of formalism in software "engineering" as regards this article from BuisnessInsider arguing that "The title “engineer” is cheapened by the tech industry."

Transactional Versioning

Software versioning and managing software dependencies is hard. Unfortunately it is also an unavoidable problem. Rarely do we build software in isolation from the rest of the world. Hoping to stand on the shoulders rather than the toes of giants, we build software which depends upon other software. We make use of libraries; we make assumptions about platforms and run times.

Assist threads

It's been a while since I've written about hardware proper rather than just lisp machine weirdness, but I'm doing research reading in computer architecture this semester so that's gotta change.

Thoughts on Gratipay

Those of you who, like me, don't read all the news may be vaguely aware that Gittip has rebranded to Gratipay of late, and then shut down for some time. As a former gittip customer/user this was visible to me only in that the weekly stream of tips disappeared.

AIM-514, saved from madness by a Knight

So last time I just brain dumped a bunch of notes on the subject of the AI Memo 514. This time I'll attempt to offer an analysis of the paper, and compare it to the Knight thesis.